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In the lab meetings PhD students, posdocs and senior researchers report their recent or ongoing work. These informal meetings are organized about every 2 weeks, in the meeting room of the Gaia building, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Rambla Sant Nebridi 22, Terrassa.
Hour Speaker Title
December 9, 2015 13-14h John Afa Trichromatic pi-Pulse for Ultrafast Total Inversion of a Four-Level Ladder System
November 25, 2015 13-14h Jose M. Aparicio Reinoso Emergence of Spike Correlations in Periodically Forced Excitable Systems
November 11th 2015 13-14h Waqas Ahmed Stablization of flat-mirror vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers by spatio-temporal modulation of pump profile
June 25th 2015 13-14h Lara Escuain A bridge between two communities: Kalman filtering
June 17th 2015 13-14h Shubham Kumar Self Collimation, Focusing and 'bullets' of Bogoliubov modes for Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
June 3th 2015 13-14h Dani Malagarriga Computation at the mesoscopic scale of the brain
May 13th 2015 13-14h Javier Buldu (UPM & URJC, Madrid) "Let’s get connected (a network’s perspective)"
April 15th 2015 13-14h Jaime de la Rocha (IDIBAPS, Barcelona)
"The neural circuit dynamics of perceptual decision making"
March 25th 2015 13-14h Sergio Alonso (Fisica Aplicada, UPC) "Percolation threshold of regular grids and relation with ectopic beats generated by reentry in fibrotic cardiac tissue"
March 18th 2015 13-14h Maciek Jedynak "Noise induced transitions and stimulus evoked resonance in a mesoscopic neuronal model"
February 25th 2015 13-14h Emilio Hernandez-Garcia (UIB-IFISC, Mallorca)
"Lyapunov exponents in the sea: on the impact of ocean transport on biological dynamics"
February 11th 2015 13-14h John Áfa Iduabo "Coherent control of atomic and molecular systems with engineered femtosecond laser pulses"
February 4th 2015 13-14h Albert Diaz Guilera (Universitat de Barcelona) "Dynamics in Multiplex Networks"
January 28th 2015 13-14h Shubham Kumar "Focusing of Bogoliubov waves in modulated BEC"
January 14th 2015 13-14h Auro Perego
"A new dissipative modulation instability: theoretical description, and experimental evidences in fibre lasers"
December 10th 2014 13-14h Vytautas Purlys (Vilnius University) "Photonic crystals for manipulation of light beams: fabrication and applications"
December 3th 2014 13-14h Bingxia Wang "Ultra-short pulse characterization, a new in-situ approach using disordered nonlinear ferroelectric crystals"
November 26th 2014 12-14h Elinor Thompson (Pompeu Fabra University) "Opening the door to better presenting skills"
November 20th 2014 Mindaugas Radziunas (WIAS Berlin) "Modeling and simulations of beam quality improvement  in broad area semiconductor devices"
November 19th 2014 13-14h Dani Malagarriga "Coexistence of synchronizations in complex weighted networks"
November 12th 2014 13-14h Andres Aragoneses "The complexity of the laminar-turbulent transition in a fiber laser"
October 29th 2014 13-14h Giulio Tirabassi
"Inferring network connectivity from time-series statistical similarity analysis"
October 22th 2014 13-14h Maciek Jedynak
"Coupling and stochasticity in mesoscopic brain dynamics"
October 14th 2014 13-14h Lara Escuain
"Data-driven neural mass modelling (with an introduction to Kalman filters)"
October 1th 2014 13-14h Carlos Quintero "Ordinal patterns and noise"
September 22th 2014 12:30
Prof. Pi-Gang Luan (Central University of Taiwan)
"The physics of metamaterials"
September 18th 2014 15-16h Sandro Perrone (University of Leicester, U.K.)
"Neuronal firings in multi electrodes arrays using an in vitro model of Huntington Disease"
September 5th 2014 13-14h Yanhua Hong (Bangor University, Wales, U.K.) "Nonlinear Dynamics in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers: Chaos and Bistability"
July 9th 2014 13-14h Auro Perego
"Mode locking through Faraday instability in Raman fiber laser"
May 27th 2014 13-14h Dani Malagarriga
"Probing scale interaction in brain dynamics through synchronization"
May 20th 2014 13-14h Ignacio Deza
"Who influences our climate? : assesing the directionality of the links of climate networks"
May 13th 2014 13-14h Giulio Tirabassi "Early-warning indicators of vegetation transitions"
May 6th 2014 13-14h Shubham Kumar "Suppression of Modulation Instability in broad area semiconductor amplifier"
April 29th 2014 13-14h Yu-Chieh Cheng "Magic mirror"
April 8th 2014 13-14h Massimo Cencini (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNR, Italy) "Gyrotactic phytoplankton swimming in turbulent flows"
April 1th 2014 13-14h Taciano Sorrentino "Symbolic dynamics of directly modulated semiconductor lasers with optical feedback"
March 18th 2014 13-14h Chih-Hua Ho (LENS, Florence, Italy) Flexible photonic crystals (from elastomers)
February 27th 2014 13-14h Ulrich Parlitz (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany) "State and parameter estimation in nonlinear modelling"
February 14th 2014 13-14h Mario Chavez (CNRS, France) "The impact of brain network's symmetries on neural synchronization"
February 5th 2014 12:30-14h Gavin Lucas (The PaperMill)
"Coaching for scientific writers"
January 29th 2014
13-14h Dani Malagarriga
"Stochastic and nonlinear phenomena in mesoscopic neural systems"
January 22th 2014 13-14h Jordi Tiana Alsina
"Atmospheric LIDAR remote sensing for wind resource assessment (NEPTUNE Project)"
November 27th 2013 13-14h Ignacio Deza "Understanding atmospheric variability by using the complex network approach"
November 13th 2013 13-14h Shubham Kumar "Modulational instability in nonlinear fields"
October 30th 2013 13-14h Lina Mayte "Focusing with flat woodpile 3D photonic crystals in visible frequency range"
October 16th 2013 13-14h Andres Aragoneses "Unveiling the complex organization of recurrent patterns in dynamical excitable systems"
2011, Jul 11 David Otaegui (Biodononostia) "Data mining y networks en esclerosis múltiple: cuándo y para qué?"
2011, June 29 Marta Dies "Quantification of coupling in biological oscillators"
2011, June 8 Kestutis Staliunas "Why patterns appear in nature and everywhere"
2011, May 12 R Herrero "About the oscillatory possibilities of the dynamical systems", part II
2011, May 5 Prof T Ackemann
(U. Strathclyde)
"The dynamics of cavity soliton lasers"
2011, May 4 R Herrero "About the oscillatory possibilities of the dynamical systems", part I
2011, Mar 30 P Formosa (UB) "Cis-inhibition and cis-activation: how do these interactions modify lateral inibition patterning?"
2011, Feb 17 A Munteanu
"Minimal band-generating circuits in development"
2011, Feb 11 R Toral & L Lafuerza (IFISC) "Macroscopic order induced by microscopic disorder: role of diversity distribution in excitable systems"
2011, Feb 9 C Serrat "Attosecond physics"
2011, Jan 21 A Gómez-Marín
"Fruit fly larvae can make up their mind in a head swing"
2010, Nov 26 N Domedel-Puig "Information routing driven by background chatter in signaling networks"
2010, Nov 18 K Staliunas "Rocking of potential by periodic injection"
2010, Nov 5 O Senan-Campos "Microarray analysis of pre-disease Multiple Sclerosis patients"
2010, Jul 6 D Gómez-Míguez
"Bistable response to anti-cancer drugs in the Akt pathway"
2010, May 25 AJ Pons "Fracture", part II
2010, May 10 AJ Pons "Fracture", part I
2010, May 6 L Maigyte "Spatial filtering using photonic crystals"
2010, Apr 29 MA Serrano-Moral "Extracting the multiscale backbone of complex networks"
2010, Mar 29 AJ Pons & P Rué Tool meeting: "Cluster GOBI"
2010, Mar 25 I Junier "Insights into genetic regulation: confronting polymer physics and genomics"
2010, Mar 18 V Roppo "Random Quasi Phase Matching. Concepts and application to pulses reconstruction"
2010, Feb 25 Prof M White
(U. of Liverpool)
"Oscillations in the NFkB system"
2010, Feb 11 M Dies "Delay and Noise in a negative feed-back system"
2010, Feb 2 J Garcia-Ojalvo "Noise in dynamic systems"
2010, Jan 28 J Zamora-Munt "Logical Stochastic Resonance in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"
2010, Jan 21 B Sancristóbal "Oscillations in the brain"
2009, Dec 17 J Tiana-Alsina "Quantifying stocghasticity and complexity in the dynamics of delayed-coupled semiconductor lasers via information theory measures", part II
2009, Dec 11 J Tiana-Alsina "Quantifying stocghasticity and complexity in the dynamics of delayed-coupled semiconductor lasers via information theory measures", part I
2009, Dec 1 R Kulkarni (UCLA) "Melanoma"
2009, Nov 26 S Sen (Caltech) "Systems-level analysis of B. subtilis core phosphorelay module"
2009, Nov 16 AJ Pons & P Rué Tool meeting: "Python"
2009, Oct 28 OA Rosso "Distinguishing childhood absence epilepsy patients from controls by the analysis of their background brain electrical activity"
2009, Oct 15 P Rué "Efficient simulation methods for systems of biochemical reactions"
2009, Oct 1 M Natiello "Stochastic and Deterministic Population Dynamics"
2009, Sep 24 R Vilaseca "Els làsers: fins a quin punt la seva llum és singular, i per a què serveixen?"
2009, June 4 B Sancristóbal & N Domedel-Puig "Bifurcations: basic analysis with XPP/Auto"
2009, April 29 J Soriano "A percolation approach to study connectivity in living neural networks"
2009, Mar 19 C Masoller "Rhythmic activity in neuronal ensembles in the presence of conduction delays"
2009, Feb 12 J Tiana-Alsina "Lag alternance in unidirectional coupled semiconductor lasers"
2009, Feb 5 J Zamora-Munt "Chaotic transient in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback"
2009, Jan 22 C Martínez Thesis rehearsal
2008, Dec 22 S Elizalde-Torrent "Forbidden patterns"
2008, Dec 12 L Espinar "Optic control of gene expression"
2008, Nov 13 B Sancristóbal "Spike propagation via chemico-electrical synaptic coupling"
2008, Nov 6 C Nistor "Second harmonic generation in 2D photonic crystals"
2008, Oct 23 V Roppo "Pulsed Second Harmonic Generation: Beam Propagation Method and Phase Locking Mechanism"
2008, Oct 16 N Domedel-Puig "Interferon signaling in multiple sclerosis"
2008, Oct 9 H García-López "The study of networks synchronization using a single electronic Rössler circuit"
2008, Sep 24 E Ullner "Noise-induced contour perception in the visual cortex"

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