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In the lab meetings PhD students, posdocs and senior researchers report their recent or ongoing work. These informal meetings are organized about every 2 weeks, in the meeting room of the Gaia building, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Rambla Sant Nebridi 22, Terrassa.
Hour Speaker Title
December 17th 2014 13-14h Yu-Chieh Cheng tba
December 10th 2014 13-14h Shubham Kumar tba
November 26th 2014 12-14h Elinor Thompson (Pompeu Fabra University) "Opening the door to better presenting skills"
November 12th 2014 13-14h Dani Malagarriga tba
October 29th 2014 13-14h Bingxia Wang tba
October 22th 2014 13-14h Maciek Jedynak
"Coupling and stochasticity in mesoscopic brain dynamics"
October 14th 2014 13-14h Lara Escuain
"Data-driven neural mass modelling (with an introduction to Kalman filters)"
October 1th 2014 13-14h Carlos Quintero "Ordinal patterns and noise"
September 22th 2014 12:30
Prof. Pi-Gang Luan (Central University of Taiwan)
"The physics of metamaterials"
September 18th 2014 15-16h Sandro Perrone (University of Leicester, U.K.)
"Neuronal firings in multi electrodes arrays using an in vitro model of Huntington Disease"
September 5th 2014 13-14h Yanhua Hong (Bangor University, Wales, U.K.) "Nonlinear Dynamics in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers: Chaos and Bistability"
July 9th 2014 13-14h Auro Perego
"Mode locking through Faraday instability in Raman fiber laser"
May 27th 2014 13-14h Dani Malagarriga
"Probing scale interaction in brain dynamics through synchronization"
May 20th 2014 13-14h Ignacio Deza
"Who influences our climate? : assesing the directionality of the links of climate networks"
May 13th 2014 13-14h Giulio Tirabassi "Early-warning indicators of vegetation transitions"
May 6th 2014 13-14h Shubham Kumar "Suppression of Modulation Instability in broad area semiconductor amplifier"
April 29th 2014 13-14h Yu-Chieh Cheng "Magic mirror"
April 8th 2014 13-14h Massimo Cencini (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNR, Italy) "Gyrotactic phytoplankton swimming in turbulent flows"
April 1th 2014 13-14h Taciano Sorrentino "Symbolic dynamics of directly modulated semiconductor lasers with optical feedback"
March 18th 2014 13-14h Chih-Hua Ho (LENS, Florence, Italy) Flexible photonic crystals (from elastomers)
February 27th 2014 13-14h Ulrich Parlitz (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany) "State and parameter estimation in nonlinear modelling"
February 14th 2014 13-14h Mario Chavez (CNRS, France) "The impact of brain network's symmetries on neural synchronization"
February 5th 2014 12:30-14h Gavin Lucas (The PaperMill)
"Coaching for scientific writers"
January 29th 2014
13-14h Dani Malagarriga
"Stochastic and nonlinear phenomena in mesoscopic neural systems"
January 22th 2014 13-14h Jordi Tiana Alsina
"Atmospheric LIDAR remote sensing for wind resource assessment (NEPTUNE Project)"
November 27th 2013 13-14h Ignacio Deza "Understanding atmospheric variability by using the complex network approach"
November 13th 2013 13-14h Shubham Kumar "Modulational instability in nonlinear fields"
October 30th 2013 13-14h Lina Mayte "Focusing with flat woodpile 3D photonic crystals in visible frequency range"
October 16th 2013 13-14h Andres Aragoneses "Unveiling the complex organization of recurrent patterns in dynamical excitable systems"
2011, Jul 11 David Otaegui (Biodononostia) "Data mining y networks en esclerosis múltiple: cuándo y para qué?"
2011, June 29 Marta Dies "Quantification of coupling in biological oscillators"
2011, June 8 Kestutis Staliunas "Why patterns appear in nature and everywhere"
2011, May 12 R Herrero "About the oscillatory possibilities of the dynamical systems", part II
2011, May 5 Prof T Ackemann
(U. Strathclyde)
"The dynamics of cavity soliton lasers"
2011, May 4 R Herrero "About the oscillatory possibilities of the dynamical systems", part I
2011, Mar 30 P Formosa (UB) "Cis-inhibition and cis-activation: how do these interactions modify lateral inibition patterning?"
2011, Feb 17 A Munteanu
"Minimal band-generating circuits in development"
2011, Feb 11 R Toral & L Lafuerza (IFISC) "Macroscopic order induced by microscopic disorder: role of diversity distribution in excitable systems"
2011, Feb 9 C Serrat "Attosecond physics"
2011, Jan 21 A Gómez-Marín
"Fruit fly larvae can make up their mind in a head swing"
2010, Nov 26 N Domedel-Puig "Information routing driven by background chatter in signaling networks"
2010, Nov 18 K Staliunas "Rocking of potential by periodic injection"
2010, Nov 5 O Senan-Campos "Microarray analysis of pre-disease Multiple Sclerosis patients"
2010, Jul 6 D Gómez-Míguez
"Bistable response to anti-cancer drugs in the Akt pathway"
2010, May 25 AJ Pons "Fracture", part II
2010, May 10 AJ Pons "Fracture", part I
2010, May 6 L Maigyte "Spatial filtering using photonic crystals"
2010, Apr 29 MA Serrano-Moral "Extracting the multiscale backbone of complex networks"
2010, Mar 29 AJ Pons & P Rué Tool meeting: "Cluster GOBI"
2010, Mar 25 I Junier "Insights into genetic regulation: confronting polymer physics and genomics"
2010, Mar 18 V Roppo "Random Quasi Phase Matching. Concepts and application to pulses reconstruction"
2010, Feb 25 Prof M White
(U. of Liverpool)
"Oscillations in the NFkB system"
2010, Feb 11 M Dies "Delay and Noise in a negative feed-back system"
2010, Feb 2 J Garcia-Ojalvo "Noise in dynamic systems"
2010, Jan 28 J Zamora-Munt "Logical Stochastic Resonance in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers"
2010, Jan 21 B Sancristóbal "Oscillations in the brain"
2009, Dec 17 J Tiana-Alsina "Quantifying stocghasticity and complexity in the dynamics of delayed-coupled semiconductor lasers via information theory measures", part II
2009, Dec 11 J Tiana-Alsina "Quantifying stocghasticity and complexity in the dynamics of delayed-coupled semiconductor lasers via information theory measures", part I
2009, Dec 1 R Kulkarni (UCLA) "Melanoma"
2009, Nov 26 S Sen (Caltech) "Systems-level analysis of B. subtilis core phosphorelay module"
2009, Nov 16 AJ Pons & P Rué Tool meeting: "Python"
2009, Oct 28 OA Rosso "Distinguishing childhood absence epilepsy patients from controls by the analysis of their background brain electrical activity"
2009, Oct 15 P Rué "Efficient simulation methods for systems of biochemical reactions"
2009, Oct 1 M Natiello "Stochastic and Deterministic Population Dynamics"
2009, Sep 24 R Vilaseca "Els làsers: fins a quin punt la seva llum és singular, i per a què serveixen?"
2009, June 4 B Sancristóbal & N Domedel-Puig "Bifurcations: basic analysis with XPP/Auto"
2009, April 29 J Soriano "A percolation approach to study connectivity in living neural networks"
2009, Mar 19 C Masoller "Rhythmic activity in neuronal ensembles in the presence of conduction delays"
2009, Feb 12 J Tiana-Alsina "Lag alternance in unidirectional coupled semiconductor lasers"
2009, Feb 5 J Zamora-Munt "Chaotic transient in semiconductor lasers with optical feedback"
2009, Jan 22 C Martínez Thesis rehearsal
2008, Dec 22 S Elizalde-Torrent "Forbidden patterns"
2008, Dec 12 L Espinar "Optic control of gene expression"
2008, Nov 13 B Sancristóbal "Spike propagation via chemico-electrical synaptic coupling"
2008, Nov 6 C Nistor "Second harmonic generation in 2D photonic crystals"
2008, Oct 23 V Roppo "Pulsed Second Harmonic Generation: Beam Propagation Method and Phase Locking Mechanism"
2008, Oct 16 N Domedel-Puig "Interferon signaling in multiple sclerosis"
2008, Oct 9 H García-López "The study of networks synchronization using a single electronic Rössler circuit"
2008, Sep 24 E Ullner "Noise-induced contour perception in the visual cortex"

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