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Experimental and numerical study of the symbolic dynamics of modulated semiconductor lasers with optical feedback
Taciano Amaral Sorrentino, Presentation date: July 10, 2015
Located in PhD thesis
Dr. Simone Pigolotti talk about "Sequence-dependent effects in facilitated diffusion"
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En aquesta carpeta podeu posar els fitxers i imatges que siguin compartits per tots o alguns idiomes.
Neix a la UPC Terrassa una nova generació de científics per estudiar el clima amb innovadores metodologies
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Experimental study of feedback-induced dynamics in semiconductor lasers: from symbolic analysis to subwavelength position sensing
Andres Aragoneses, Presentation date: June 2014
Located in PhD thesis
Shaping of light beams with photonic crystals: spatial filtering beam collimation and focusing
Lina Maigyte, Presentation date: July 1, 2014
Located in PhD thesis
Climate networks constructed by using information-theoretic measures and ordinal tima-series analysis
Juan Ignacio Deza, Presentation date: February 26, 2015
Located in PhD thesis
Disentangling climate interactions and inferring tipping points by using complex networks
Giulio Tirabassi, Presentation date: June 5, 2015
Located in PhD thesis
Giulio Tirabassi defends his PhD thesis on July 5th, 2015 "Disentangling Climatic Interactions and Detecting Tipping Points by Means of Complex Networks"
Abstract: Network theory is a powerful tool to investigate complex systems, which are systems composed by a large number of interacting sub-components. Being this a very general concept, it is not surprising that network theory has been successfully applied in very different fields such as sociology, biology, epidemics, geophysics, etc. In particular, this thesis focuses in the construction climate networks, i. e. networks in which the nodes are geographical locations on Earth and the links indicate inter-relations among them. The links were computed from various statistical similarity measures of a climatological variable (such as the surface air temperature) at different geographical locations. The approach is very general and, depending on the statistical similarity measure employed, allows investigating different aspects of the Earth climate dynamics. The thesis was developed within the EU funded LINC project (
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