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Research topics and projects

The DONLL group is funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, via the AGAUR SGR program: 2021 SGR 00606

What are our research topics? We study nonlinear phenomena in physical and biophysical systems. The research is organized in three main areas, each involving theoretical and experimental studies.


A. Optical wave propagation in periodically and nearly-periodically modulated photonic materials and metamaterials. 

Researchers: Staliunas, Botey, Herrero, Cojocaru, Trull, and Vilaseca. 


Multi-scale fibre-based optical frequency combs: science, technology and applications (MEFISTA, H2020-861152, Principal Investigator: Staliunas).

Control inteligente de ondas de luz con metamateriales, metasuperficies y medios no-Hermíticos (SMARTWAVES, PID2019-109175GB-C21, Principal Investigators: Herrero, Staliunas).

Generación Óptica de Armónicos en Materiales Estratégicos para la Nanofotónica (HARGENSMAT-Nano PID2019-105089GB-I00, Principal Investigator: Trull).


B. X-ray and attosecond phenomena. 

Researchers: Serrat and Ruiz Barragan.


Óptica nolineal de attosegundos y láseres de rayos X (ANOXRL FIS2017-85526-R, Principal Investigator: Serrat)


C. Nonlinear dynamics, complex systems and data analysis. 

Researchers: Masoller, Pons and Tirabassi


Climate Advanced Forecasting of sub-seasonal Extremes (CAFE H2020-813844, Principal Investigator: Masoller).

 Experimentos y analisis de datos para caracterizar y pronosticar el comportamiento de sistemas complejos (ComplexData PID2021-123994NB-C21 , Principal Investigator: Masoller )