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Mangirdas Malinauskas Seminar

Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas from Vilnius University, Lithuania, will give a seminar

Speaker: Dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Title: "Ultrafast laser 3D mesoscale lithography: fundamentals, technology and applications"


Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2018
Hour: 11h
Place: room 327, 3rd floor, Gaia building


Short abstract: Linear and non-linear light-material interactions can result to a precise spatially-controlled meso-scale processing of polymers. This is employed for diverse applications: microoptics, nanophotonics, and tissue engineering. A special emphasis on photo-physical and photo-chemical mechanisms will be figured in. It will be highlighted which phenomena are advantageous for tunable material properties modifications at different degrees. Employing sub-picosecond pulsed light a 3D nanolithography of pure cross-linking materials will be demonstrated. This enables production on demand of transparent integrated micro-optical components, high laser-energy resistant nanophotonic devices, and non-cytotoxic bio-scaffolds. Lithography with polarization structured light will be shown enabling precise tuning of voxel dimensions