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Seminar by Dr. Maria Masoliver

We are very happy to announce that next Wednesday, September 21st, we will host the visit of our former Phd student Dr. Maria Masoliver, now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Calgary .She will give a seminar on "Embedded Chimeras in Recurrent Neuronal Networks" 

Fully and partially synchronized brain activity plays a key role in normal cognition and in some neurological disorders, such as epilepsy. However, the mechanism by which synchrony and asynchrony co-exist in a population of neurons remains elusive. Chimera states, where synchrony and asynchrony coexist, have been documented only for precisely specified connectivity and network topologies. Here, we demonstrate how chimeras can emerge in recurrent neural networks by training the networks to display chimeras with machine learning. These solutions, which we refer to as embedded chimeras, are generically produced by recurrent neural networks with connectivity matrices only slightly perturbed from random networks.

Place: at the conference room in Edifici Gaia

Time: 12h